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Welcome to RWF, a fansite dedicated to actress Rachel Weisz. You might recognize Rachel from the franchise movies of The Mummy as Evelyn, but she also played in movies such as About a Boy, Constantine, The Lovely Bones, The Deep Blue Sea, Oz the Great and Powerful and many others. I hope you will enjoy the site and check back often for all the latest news, photos, videos and more related to Rachel and her career. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or if you would like to contribute new content. Thanks for visiting.

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Jan 27, 17   Claudia   0 Comment

With a background in avant garde theatre, the actress broke big with ‘The Mummy’. Now she plays historian Deborah Lipstadt, who took on Holocaust denier David Irving One might reasonably deduce that Rachel Weisz had a personal connection with the material in Mick Jackson’s Denial. Based on a script by David Hare, the picture focuses […]

Oct 13, 16   Claudia   0 Comment

When Rachel Weisz took on her latest role in Denial, she knew it would be a moving project — but never imagined just how personal it would become. In the film, Weisz plays professor Deborah Lipstadt, the woman who won a historic 2000 court case defeating prominent Holocaust denier David Irving. “I had heard about […]

Sep 24, 16   Claudia   0 Comment

In ‘Denial,’ the actress plays a real-life historian forced to take on a Holocaust denier Rachel Weisz has had a busy month. After probing audiences to question the absurdities of modern coupledom in the indie hit The Lobster this spring, the Oscar-winning actress closed out the summer playing a woman of many lives in Complete […]

Sep 14, 16   Claudia   0 Comment

Rachel Weisz, Timothy Spall and Tom Wilkinson star in Mick Jackson’s film about the legal battle between a Holocaust expert and a Holocaust denier. It’s kind of incredible that in 2016, when so many movies that reach theaters are nothing but remakes, sequels or adaptations of one pop-cultural phenomenon or another, a new film has […]

Sep 03, 16   Claudia   0 Comment

To celebrate the publication of John le Carré’s first memoir The Pigeon Tunnel this month, actor Rachel Weisz reads from the author’s 2001 novel The Constant Gardener. Weisz won an Oscar for her role in the 2006 film adaptation