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Welcome to RWF, a fansite dedicated to actress Rachel Weisz. You might recognize Rachel from the franchise movies of The Mummy as Evelyn, but she also played in movies such as About a Boy, Constantine, The Lovely Bones, The Deep Blue Sea, Oz the Great and Powerful and many others. I hope you will enjoy the site and check back often for all the latest news, photos, videos and more related to Rachel and her career. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or if you would like to contribute new content. Thanks for visiting.
Sep 06, 16

Welcome to RWF a fansite dedicated to british actress Rachel Weisz.
My name is Claudia and I’m running this website and not so long ago I had another Rachel site named “Operation Beauty” which had to close due to lack of time.
As you may notice this site is far from being complete, still need to work on career pages and the press archive and proper header to create and images to upload but after months working on it I decided it was about time to launch. We open big style with a gallery that counts already over 12,000 images.
Nothing of this would have happened if not for the help from friends Kaci and Gabby, donating pictures, Ali for the enthusiasm in supporting this project and above all Kayla who made ALL OF IT possible, by donating the vast majority of photos in our gallery and the domain that goes with it.

So stay tuned for more updates, check back and also follow us on twitter @rachelweiszorg

Yours, Claudia

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Sep 03, 16

To celebrate the publication of John le Carré’s first memoir The Pigeon Tunnel this month, actor Rachel Weisz reads from the author’s 2001 novel The Constant Gardener. Weisz won an Oscar for her role in the 2006 film adaptation

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Sep 03, 16

Rachel Weisz is that rare combination of both actress and star, the kind of performer equally at ease in offbeat arthouse films like “Youth” and “The Lobster” as well as big-budget movies like “The Bourne Legacy” and “Oz the Great and Powerful.” It has remained fitting that the 46-year-old British-born Weisz won a best supporting actress Oscar for playing an enigmatic, predictably unpredictable woman in 2005’s “The Constant Gardener.”

So it also makes sense that in the new film “Complete Unknown,” directed and co-written by Joshua Marston, she plays a woman who completely reinvents herself every few years with an entirely new identity — and in the process has lost track of who she really is. She manipulates her way into the birthday dinner party of a man (Michael Shannon) who knew her before she set off on this wild life of adventure. Over a long evening, she begins to rediscover her true self.

Weisz will also soon be seen in “Denial,” directed by Mick Jackson and having its world premiere as part of the Toronto International Film Festival before opening in theaters Sept. 30. In the film, based on a true story, Weisz plays Deborah Lipstadt, a noted American historian who was sued for libel in a British court by a Holocaust denier. Co-starring Timothy Spall and Tom Wilkinson, the film is part courtroom drama, part defense of history over conspiracy and conjecture.

Weisz is also in the new “The Light Between Oceans” and will soon be appearing at the Public Theater in New York in a production of “Plenty.” She recently found a few minutes to get on the phone to talk about this busy time.

In a way, “Complete Unknown” explores what makes a person a person. As your character adopts these new identities for extended periods, at some point she loses track of her real self. Is there any connection there to acting? Do you ever feel lost in between characters?

No. Absolutely not. I totally understand why you ask that question, but there is absolutely no similarity between the story of the film and acting. When you act, it’s a transaction where everyone knows you’re suspending disbelief with another group of people and you’re telling a story that has a narrative, a beginning, middle and end. It’s a bit of momentary madness if you like, but you know it’s going to end and you’ll go back to your life. People have been putting on plays for thousands of years, it’s nothing strange about it. But this is … crazy, right? It’s a crazy thing to do.

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Jun 25, 16

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